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Published on 28 April 2010
Written by Roberto Vallejo Hits: 15057

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The private Bilingual Institution "MAYAN SCHOOL" aquired authorization from the Public Education Department (Ministerio de Educación Pública) to operate since Septermber 1, 1977. The school started operations in Lomas del Tepeyac, in the city of Tegucigalpa, Distrito Central, with an initial student body registration of 200 students at the levels of Pre-Kinder, Kinder and Elementary.

In the year of 1978 the school extended its academic services by including one section of 8 students in the seventh grade. Of these students, 5 got their High School diplomas and their degrees in Bachellor of Science and Letters (Bachiller en Ciencias y Letras) in the school year comprehended between 1983-1984, thus becoming the first graduated high school promotion to come out of the school.

Up to the year of 1997, the Mayan School has graduated 19 promotions in the levels of preschool and elementary and 13 promotions at the high school level, graduating 518 teenagers who received  their High School diplomas and their degrees in Bachellor of Science and Letters (Bachiller en Ciencias y Letras).

Almost all of these students exceed or have already succesfully overcome their studies in colleges in or out of the country. It is worthwhile to mention that some of them got scholarships sponsored by national and foreign entities due to their high acedemic scores.

Also, historically, the institution has cooperated succesfully with the community participating in patriotical events, supporting educatinal and health campaigns for the citizens, collaborating with non-profit organizations y and developing projects to build/rebuild educational institutions' infrastructure and social schemes through Social Educational Work (Trabajo Educativo Social). It is also of note, the outstanding participation the school's had in all sorts of athletic, artistic and cultural high school events, where the Mayan School students have always carried the name of the school high above their shoulders by winning the first places in participation and competition.

In these days, the Mayan School can be found in Las Casitas, city of Comayaguela, Muncipio del Distirito Central. It has its own buildings, extensive surroundings and works with preschool, elementary and high school levels with clean and pedagogically conditioned classrooms; courts to play volleyball, soccer, indoor soccer and basketball; a ample gymnasium-auditorium; computer laboratories; biology, chemistry and general natural sciences laboratories; practical activities and plastic arts shops; library; entertainment centers; video rooms; reinforcement centers and outdoor recreational areas. Our current student body is made up of 1000 students with 56 teachers who specialized in different areas with graduate and post-graduate degrees.

Wishing to offer an international teaching system, the school hires select tecahers choosing from the best high school/college students from the United States of America and has made student exchanges with schools in Canada.

The school offers an excelent transportation service, reason why it acquired  a modern fleet of Mercedes Benz buses which are checked periodically and are operated/administrated by highly professional personnel.

Since its beginning to present day, the school has been run by a select group of professionals with great experience in the educational area: Lic. Doris de Morazán, Profa. Aura Julia de Matute, Lic. Diana Piland, Lic. Victoria de Palacios, Lic. Carlos Hector Sabillón, Lic. Wilberto Aguilar Nolasco, Lic. José Marcio Búlnes and Lic. José Tulio Lagos.

Finally, the Mayan School is under the process of infrastructural and academic growth due to the fact that registration demand goes up every year. We firmly believe that the discipline amongst teachers and students is fundamental to keep high levels of academic excelence; and in that sense, we worry constantly about our students not only about their scientific preparation to ready them to take the future head on but also to make them better citizens who seek the economic, social and political progress and growth of our country.

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